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Why KVIC Scheme?

  • 1

    Optimizing your site for mobile devices

    One of the keys of great SEO is having a mobile friendly website which works smoothly on all devices

  • 2

    Understand how users search

    It's not enough anymore to find relevant industry keywords and write huge amounts of content

  • 3

    Write for humans optimize for engines

    Write well structured and understandable articles not just a mix of paragraphs that contain keywords

  • 4

    Analyse your existing search traffic

    A good action plan comes out of understanding where your current position is and the environment

  • 5

    Keep updated with the latest changes

    Google changes it's search indexing algorithm twice a year so it's important to stay updated with news

  • 6

    Learn the most important ranking factors

    Learn which are the most important search engine ranking factors and optimize your website accordnigly

Demo Video

December 22nd 2020 at Innovation Hub Space

Our mission is to help people do better SEO. The team is excited to invite you to the next SEO Training Course session which undoubtedly will provide you with the necessary skills to improve your online presence. Fill out the form to register and we'll contact you in less than 24h


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